Tuesday, July 19, 2016

BEDROOMS, a Coloring Book for Adults!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a LONG time since I posted. But this is too awesome not to share!
My daughter Amanda has had a coloring book published by Pomegranate Communications:
  BEDROOMS, A Coloring Book by Amanda Laurel Atkins, and it's now available!!
(Source info available at bottom of post!)
A very young Amanda, who always loved drawing houses and room designs, was clearly very excited about her latest creation in this photo!
And here we are together, with her having come full circle by making her childhood dreams come true, holding the first copy of her BEDROOMS Coloring Book!!
This is one of the MANY bedrooms contained in the book (painted by Amanda as a sample).
All of her bedrooms are so detailed with so many fun little details just waiting to be discovered!
Here's another bedroom scene, half painted (by Amanda) as a sample. The book is filled with nature inspired bedrooms, forests, the bayou, wildlife, birds, book lover bedrooms and more!

Here's a bedroom with an ocean view! I couldn't wait to paint it!
The finished product, painted with a combination of watercolors and acrylics!
Baby would love to join me in some painting if I'd let her! But I want the book all to myself!
If you'd like your own bedroom book, filled with 50 delightful pages of bedroom scenes, vignettes, add your own details pages and more, you can order an autographed copy directly from Amanda at:
(there are only 4 left in her Etsy shop)
- or -
Amanda's book can also be ordered directly from her publisher, Pomegranate!
I hope you have as much fun painting as I have! Adult coloring books are SO relaxing, and this is one of the best!!!
Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone!