Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day

In honor of National Dog Day...

Some of the precious dogs we've had the honor of sharing our home with...
Shu Shu in my lap. Born ? (adopted 1980) - 1987
Casper (an abuse case adopted from a Great Dane Rescue group),
1978 (adopted 1980) - 1986
Ms. Gizmo, 1992 (adopted 3/11/2000) - March 22, 2008
Mr. J, 2001 (adopted 2010) - still going strong at 14!
Just a few words since it's National Dog Day...
All of our dogs have been rescues, whether they were mutts or purebred dogs like our Casper (Great Dane) or our Sooshi (Shih-Tzu). You can find ANY breed of dog, or any loveable mixed breed, at shelters or pounds.
Just visit either of these sites and start your search:
Also, as you can see from the dates, many of the dogs we've adopted have been older dogs, often overlooked because of their age. Adopting an older dog has so many benefits. First of all, they're usually already housebroken (big plus!). They're also done with their 'chewing' stage (another big plus!) And most importantly, these dogs are forever grateful to YOU for giving them their forever home. You will never find a more loyal, loving companion than a shelter dog. Especially one who has been passed over time and time again because they might have a graying muzzle.
My prayer is that some day, every shelter and pound across this country will be empty and every dog (and cat) that once lived in one will be in a loving 'forever' home.
Happy National Dog Day, everyone!!


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful post and it is great that you can find pets online now so there is more chance of them getting adopted.


Henny Penny said...

Donna, what a beautiful post. Such sweet dogs you have rescued and given them a loving home. Like you, I wish all the abused and neglected dogs and cats could be placed in loving homes. I can get really down thinking about the animals in shelters. All of our animals except for Eli, we rescued. Speaking of animals, I LOVED and enjoyed reading "The Hen who Dreamed She Could Fly". Thank you for telling me about the little book. It didn't take that long to read because I could not put it down. Thank you, Donna. Henny

Unknown said...

Happy National Dog Day a day late! I love all your pictures and the kindness in your heart. I love your dream of empty shelters. Hope it comes true!

Unknown said...

My dear Donna, I'm so proud of you..You are an angel, your family blessed and your home is really "enchanted"..Wish you and your beloved ones live happily ever after..Love ..
Serra Yasar
August 30, 2015