Saturday, August 29, 2015

In the arms of the angels....

Our sweet Tiger crossed the rainbow bridge one month ago today.
She was just shy of her 22nd birthday.

In the 1990's we adopted three kitties, (L-R) Mr. B, Spotty, and Tiger.
(Spotty and Tiger were litter-mates).
"The Catkins," as we affectionately called them, appeared in some of my artwork over the years, both individually and as a family.
It was next to impossible to photograph the three of them together, so I painted a portrait of them instead.
The Catkins were also the inspiration for one of my painting patterns.

As a young cat, Tiger loved to climb and jump, often enjoying walking across the beams of our family room.
In her older years, she was more content to relax in the bedroom that she and Amanda had shared until Amanda headed off to college.
Amanda's old bed remained in place...
... so Tiger could continue sleeping there.

I also moved my studio/office into 'Tiger's room.' She was the best roommate ever. Sometimes she'd watch me from across the room...

... and sometimes from under my desk. I put her on my lap when I was working on this latest piece and she'd study the painting-in-progress, then turn and look at me. I called her my little muse as she seemed so interested in what I was painting (which was a great encouragement when I was doubting the direction the painting was taking from time to time!)

I miss her very much, but I know she's reunited with her brother Spotty, who we lost back in 2009 at 16 years of age.

“Love never dies. Love will continue. Love keeps on beating when you're gone. Love never dies once it is in you. Life may be fleeting; love lives on! Life may be fleeting! Love lives on...” 
(Andrew Lloyd Webber)


Betty said...

The paintings you made of them are so pretty. I did not know cats can live that long. You are so blessed to have had her that long. We had our Mandy for over 16 years, she was a precious member of the family. She was part cocker and lab. Just as any member of the family you always feel their loss.

Blogoratti said...

What lovely photos and work. Greetings!

WoolenSails said...

I never realized your kitties were your inspiration but I should have known.
We love our kitties and I often do pieces based on their personalities.


LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

I am so very sorry that I missed this post. I loved reading about Tiger, and all of your cats. She was a grand old lady. I can imagine how much of a gap she leaves after brightening your life for 22 years. Our companions are so close to us and give us so much. x