Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank you...

Lyn, I will be writing to you, but I wanted to thank you immediately for the stunning tag you created and sent to me. I agree, this image is just beautiful - so serene... And the lace trim, rhinestone design, flowers, and silk ribbon you added are just perfect....
As you know, I love my Blessed Virgin Mary statues, busts, and planters, and your tag is such a beautiful addition to my collection.
Not only that, this tag arrived just when I needed a little lift. It's been very stressful to see all the changes my dad has been going through lately, and your sweet gift could not have arrived at a more perfect time.

Thank you so very much... I feel so blessed.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mind's Eye...

Here is little Baby, looking oh-so-innocent... But believe me, when I go into my office to paint I have to shut the door behind me or this little darling insists on:  a) plunking down on everything I'm trying to paint, b) trying to drink from my dirty paint water, c) attacking my graphite or tracing paper and shredding it to pieces, d) trotting through puddles of paint on my foam plates, or e) all of the above!  I'm sure any of you who have kitties know exactly what I'm talking about!!

So once I've locked Baby out, art should burst forth, according to plan, with no interruptions, right? Ummmm, not so much.

Right now I'm in the beginning stages of my latest project for Penny Lane...

In my mind's eye, I know exactly how I want the finished pieces to look. Whether my mind's eye cooperates with me is another story. Most times when I come up with an idea, I envision exactly what the finished project will look like. And once in a while, the finished project actually does turn out exactly as I had imagined it would (dare I say once in a blue moon it even turns out better than planned!). But more often than not, I'm afraid, my pieces fall far short of what I hoped they would look like when finished.

This is a snippet of the very beginning phase of a different project I just turned in. Thankfully, this was an instance where I didn't cringe at the finished piece. In fact, I quite liked it. 

Ditto for its mate. I just love it when that happens!

Wishing you all a lovely, creative week!!!