Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is it really November already???

It seems that once Halloween is over, the days start flying until Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us, and this year is no exception!

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(Merry Christmas to All, 6" x 24")

I realized it's about time I put two of my new Christmas prints into my ETSY shop! (In actuality, I probably should have done it even sooner than this!)

I had a lot of fun painting these last year. The print above is based on a mid-Century Santa and reindeer decoration that I put out every year. Gosh, that term, mid-century, makes me feel so OLD! After all, I am a product of the 50's!! (which is probably why I'm drawn to things from tht era)...

(Away in a Manger, 6" x 36")

And this print is based on a vintage Nativity set that I picked up for a song at a Salvation Army many years ago. I wanted to include the wisemen and shepherds in addition to the Holy Family, so it ended up being a yard-long print!!!

Hoping you all have a lovely week in store for you!!!

Donna (who's going to make lists this year to stay organized!! "Famous last words," as my mom would always say!!)


WoolenSails said...

I love nativities and this year I will be painting some simple wood ones. I made them years ago, just two figures with the manger from an old craft book. Just wish I had the magazine still with the pattern, but I do have my own set I can recopy.

My kitty bucket is beat up, but I like it like that, lol.
There is one on ebay in good condition, but they are asking a lot more than I payed;)


Ancarol said...

unique and vintage paint really ! my faviorite all; )