Sunday, August 2, 2009

Organized Chaos...

"Paint bottles lay empty. Brushes need cleaning.
Drawings scattered all around. Sawdust is everywhere.
And this I call home!" (Anastasia)

Oh, Anastasia, I feel your pain!!!! Organized chaos - now there's an oxymoron, huh? The truth is, I couldn't even take this photo before tidying up my work area a bit (yes, this is the tidied up version if you can believe that!).... The "before" would have scared you away for sure!

I once had a lovely painting magazine editor tell me (after seeing my brush tub) that it would be fun to have artists submit photos of their brush tubs to see whose was the grungiest... I think my photo speaks for itself. Surely I'd have walked away with first place!

Here are some of the colors used in my latest paintings... I love using these foam plates as pallettes. I just keep using the same ones over and over because, since I use acrylics, they dry very quick...

Now I need to tidy up my studio office so I can feel creative again... Nothing saps my creativity more than trying to come up with ideas while surrounded by the previous work's mess....

Hope you all have a very productive week!



WoolenSails said...

I use the flat paint thingies. I have new ones, but I always grab my stained, old one and use that. I think we tend to get attached to things;)


"B" said...

I noticed you use Delta Ceramcoat paint and I wondered if you had noticed a difference in the paint since it has come out in the new package with the flower instead of the rainbow? I've used that brand for about 25 years and I'm so disappointed in it now that I'm looking for a new brand. Any suggestions?