Friday, August 21, 2009

Inspiration is only a mouse-click away!

I was so disappointed...

...when Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine ceased publishing.

Just look at the array of ME magazines that I spread out on my loveseat (which is covered by this baby crib comforter - one of my favorite junktique finds)... See how all the covers match the colors I decorate with? Is it any wonder that I always felt right at home in her magazine?

ME Home Companion and Country Living are the only magazines I subscribe to (now it's just Country Living, and I'm not that thrilled with changes they've made lately, but that's another story)...

Perhaps someday I'll receive an envelope in my mailbox from ME Home Companion telling me that the presses are up and running again, because there's nothing like hunkering down in a comfy chair with a favorite magazine. Turning actual pages beats scrolling with a mouse any day (at least in my book)...

But - since there is no ME Home Companion (for the time being), I've found the next best thing! I just learned that Mary Engelbreit has a blog!!! So now I can get a regular ME fix again, even if it does mean mouse-clicking instead of page flipping! You can click on the link in my sidebar, or just click HERE to be whisked away to a most lovely and creative blog!!!

Happy reading!!!


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