Saturday, August 22, 2009


... such a powerful word!

So powerful that when I spotted this pearl CREATE sign a couple of years ago (at Katie's Rose Cottage - she has the coolest things!!), I wasted no time in ordering it. Until I could decide where I wanted to place it, I temporarily hung it over the top of my (Target) etched mirror... It still hangs there, to this day, and now I can't picture it anywhere else! It doesn't hurt that it is right in front of my painting desk, either (a little subliminal message perhaps?)...

I have lots of my favorite things on top of this junktique find bookcase... The two white iron lamps (lots of neat detailing in the bases) were from a favorite junktique store that is no longer in business (sad for me but probably good for my wallet, although these lamps were a steal!)... When Amanda was in high school, she took a pottery class... I just love this mug with the upside down handle. It's hard to see (unless you enlarge the photo), but it she embossed roses all over it... so pretty!
Amanda also made this cool "here's looking at you" piece of pottery (my title, not hers). I love the colors and think it's so unique!!

A vintage Mary bust sits on a hand-painted cigar box, which in turn sits on an old vanity mirror (I painted the gold a pretty pink)...
I love it when I'm on a creative roll and don't look up for hours; but for those times when I have "artist's block," I at least have some pretty neat stuff to look at while trying to get the juices flowing again!
Donna (wishing you all a creative weekend!!)

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