Friday, August 28, 2009

Christmas in Autumn?

With the fall right around the corner, it got me to thinking about my craft shows days... Back when I was painting for fall & winter craft fairs, or painting items for myself or as gifts, I'd spend late summer and all through the fall season painting furiously for Christmas...

... so, if you're a painter, I guess it's definitely not too soon to start thinking Christmas!

I just listed this "Woodland Santa" sled in my ETSY shop as an e-pattern.

It originally appeared in the Winter 2007 PaintWorks, so if you have this issue you already have the pattern...

Wishing you all much painting inspiration for the upcoming holiday seasons!!!



WoolenSails said...

Beautiful painting, love woodland santas.
I will have to have my sister look at it. She wants me to make some gifts for a wildlife friend.


Heather said...

this is a beautiful painting! COngrats on the cover!~