Monday, February 2, 2009

Amanda's art on ETSY....

My Amanda has started putting some of her art prints into her Etsy shop (Amanda Atkins) and I just love looking at her shop and the beautiful colors she uses!

"Chelsea and the Black Fox"
This piece happens to be my favorite... I love the colors, I love the girl and her fox, the paintings on the background in the wall, the dress she's wearing, the cabinet in the background, the pitcher of flowers - everything!

"And with unspoken ease I was your pet"
This is one of Amanda's tatooed ladies, who are all among her best sellers at shows! I love the striped circus tents in the background and the variety of tatooes this lady chose to adorn herself with!

"the (heartfelt)"
Just look at her portrait of e.e. cummings... His hat, the anatomical heart, the serene expression on his face....

"the natural"
And continuing with her poet series, she painted another of her favorites, T.S. Eliot. I love this series, with the antique-washed backgrounds and softer colors...

Thanks for letting my share some of Amanda's work... There's lots more in her Etsy shop, so please pop over and take a look!!