Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A gift of love...

My daughter, Amanda (the artist who created the two designs above) and I were talking about a recent news story that focused on the impact this troubled economy is having on pet owners. Now these are not irresponsible pet owners... These are people who have loved and taken very good care of their pets for years, but who are now being forced to turn over these beloved family members to shelters because they just cannot afford the costs associated with owning a pet anymore. Shelters and vets agree that it is a heartbreaking situation for both pet owners and pets.
The vet we take our animals to is wonderful. His office has treated our fur babies for over 20 years now. Unfortunately during that time, we've had to have several of our older pets put to sleep. Whenever we have done this, our vet has always made a donation in our pets' names to The Bunky Walton Fund; a charitable group who helps out people with vet bills or pet medicines.
My daughter was saying she wished there were more organizations like this because it would allow more people to be able to keep their pets in these tough times.
Well, my daughter puts her money where her mouth is. She decided she should do something, so she put up an eBay auction where the winner will have their choice of either of the two signed prints shown above (watermark not on prints)... She is providing free shipping and is donating 100% of the winning bid to: The Bunky Walton Fund, 64 Oak Hill Rd., Westford, MA 01886-1505.
Click on either of her print images above and it will bring you right to her eBay listing. Here is a chance for you to own a beautiful piece of artwork and to help out pets and pet owners in need...
Amanda definitely has the spirit of giving in her heart during this Christmas season...
Merry Christmas, everyone,