Monday, May 12, 2008

A girl can dream... right?

I was flipping through a recent issue of Country Living when this ad toward the back of the magazine caught my eye:

I don't know where most of you create. Perhaps you have carved out a little niche in your home somewhere.. or perhaps you have a large open loft.

I've been all over this little house of mine... When I first started out, I painted on the dining area table, and since we're in a small split entry and that's our only eating area, that got old quick!

After a few years I moved downstairs to a finished room in the basement. I quickly learned that I am not a cellar dweller... It's COLD in the winter and I felt so isolated and far removed from the family happenings upstairs.. So once again I was ready to move.

It was then on to the family room located off the kitchen. I painted there for years, tucked away in a little corner of the room. Unfortunately I am not a neat painter. I leave things spread out everywhere... transfer paper, paints, brushes, water bowls, surfaces... (it is a gift to be born an organized person, a trait I was most definitely not blessed with!)... Therefore, the family room was always in a state of disarray (sigh)....

Then several years ago my youngest girl (now 19) asked if she could use the big downstairs room as her bedroom since she felt totally stifled in her <8 x 10 foot room (it's the closet sized room that is jokingly considered a third bedroom in many split levels).

Anyhow, I took over her old room when she moved downstairs and this room has served me well. It's a comfy room with good light (a huge window over my painting desk) and a door that can be closed to hide all my messes! But it does lack storage space. And being a small room, I don't have room for a big surface area/table on which to create large pieces of art, so for those projects it's deja vu - back to the dining room table where I first started out!

So yes, my imagination runs wild when I see ads like this... I can totally picture myself in the COVENTRY with all of those big windows, wearing a beret and standing in front of my easel! But then again, look how charming that little TELLURIDE SHED is! Oh, wait... I can definitely see myself in the CANMORE CABIN with the peaked roof ... or the SONOMA POOL CABANA/STUDIO with it's French doors... or.... or... or....

Like I said, a girl can dream, right?



Rima said...

A magical little hideaway... what a great idea... :)
Hope you're well Donna
Rima x

Vickie said...

I saw your dream studios and thought you might be interesed in Joy's new shed/studio. Her blog is
She has some lovely art also. I work in a spare bedroom with a nice North window. I posted some photos of it a while back. Please come take a look.