Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seasonal Sampler E-Patterns

I finally converted these to e-patterns. All four samplers were originally published in PaintWorks magazine and they have also been published as prints by Penny Lane Publishing. I just listed the e-patterns in my ETSY shop ($4.99 per seasonal e-pattern or $15.00 for all four seasons). As with all e-patterns, there is the benefit of no shipping charge and "speedy delivery." (anyone else remember Mr. Rogers?)... Now it's out to the garden to hang my hummingbird feeders. It's so warm that I'm hoping they show up early this year (although the first sighting usually doesn't occur until the first to second week of May)... Enjoy your day!!


Rima said...

These are lovely Donna :)
Hope you're well
Rima X

Amanda Atkins said...

I like them. :)

sdzsmith said...

Hi -

Just discovered your site and will be back to visit. I love the style and warmth of the your work (not to mention your taste in music)