Sunday, April 6, 2008

Meet the CATkins

These are our babies. Spotty and Tiger, both 14, are brother and sister. And then there's our Blackie (Jul 1995-Dec 2007), who we miss every day. (You can probably figure out who is who based on their very unoriginal names!) Several years ago I was inspired to paint their portrait (as it was next to impossible to get the three of them to nicely pose together for the camera, let alone say "cheese"). This is the end result... my interpretation of the Atkins cats... In a future post, I'll share a few of my Amanda's paintings of our fur babies! Her style is quite different from mine and it's so neat to see how she painted them! Hoping you find inspiration all around you!



Rima said...

hehe.. Catkins! :)
what a lovely 3 .. and what a lovely painting :)
Hope you're well and happy Donna and enjoying the world of blogging :)

tascha said...

Such a sweet group of kitties! You can almost hear them purring.