Sunday, March 30, 2008

How it all began...

"Any arbitrary turning along the way, and I would be elsewhere. I would be different." (Frances [Diane Lane] Under the Tuscan Sun)

That quote, from one of my favorite movies, sums up how I feel about my art career. It was a chance lunch with a friend on a warm September day in 1994... a chance stroll through our town center... a chance encounter with a painting shop that led me to where I am today. Had any of those things not occurred, I would be elsewhere...
Although I never took any lessons beyond that one night a week / 6 week beginner course that I signed up for that day, I was hooked. I painted furiously at home, which led to selling my work in craft fairs, and then to designing for books, packets, and magazines, and now to designing for the print and licensing market. (Who knew that little rooster, my very first painted piece, would lead to a whole career!!)

I'm not sure where I'd be had there been "any arbitrary turning along the way," but I am so grateful that there wasn't. I think this path, for me, was meant to be.


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*~Niki~* said...

That is amazing congratulations!